Nitracut Nitrogen systems are on-site nitrogen gas generators custom-built to provide a continuous, reliable supply of Nitrogen assist gas for laser cutting. With Nitracut, you can produce your own nitrogen gas as you use it, at a fraction of the cost of cylinder nitrogen bundles or liquid bulk.

Laser cutting and plasma cutting requires large volumes of compressed nitrogen gas – which is used as an assist gas to aid cut quality and stop discolouration due to oxidation. Typically, this gas is delivered in cylinder or bulk liquid form. Either method of delivery involves both perpetual consumption and costs. Nitracut allows the customer to produce Nitrogen assist gas themselves – on-site, on-demand, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Meaning no more purchases and hefty annual price increases and no more running out of gas.

Nitralife, manufacturer of the Nitracut, is an international pioneer in the on-site generation of nitrogen gas, and, as such, is an expert in the continuous and reliable supply of high-pressure, high-purity nitrogen gas. Whatever quantities of nitrogen you need, Nitralife can supply the correct nitrogen solution, from 500w to 12 kW lasers, high-def plasma cutters, and beam tube guidance nitrogen generation.


Savings, savings, savings

Produce your own nitrogen assist gas for a fraction of the cost of traditional cylinder or liquid bulk nitrogen. Implementing Nitracut in your business means you can remove nitrogen gas from your cutting costs and you only have a short payback period – often less than a year.


No downtime

Nitracut cannot run out of gas. It automatically adjusts nitrogen production to the changing consumption required by the different cutting parameters. That means no costly high-pressure storage vessels or cylinders. Nitracut can run 24 hours a day thereby maximising production on the laser without incurring additional gas costs. On-site, on-demand, 24/7.


Complete Package: Plug & play

Nitracut is completely self-contained and includes its own air compressor. As an added benefit, this compressed air supply can also be used to supply the low pressure pneumatics with most fiber lasers, removing the need for an additional air compressor. The Nitracut-1 footprint is only 1.9m x 1.9m and can stand right next to the laser.

Nitrogen Element Table

What is Nitrogen?

Nitrogen is a colourless, odourless, non-toxic gas. It makes up approximately 78% of our atmosphere, and is therefore essentially the air we breathe, minus the oxygen, water vapour and several other smaller trace gasses. By removing the oxygen and moisture, the potential for oxidation, perishing or aging is also removed.

nitracut fire

Did you know?

Nitrogen is an inert, chemically inactive, dead gas. It cannot burn or explode and is also completely dry. In fact, nitrogen is used in most fire extinguishers. As a laser-cutting assist gas, it helps in the processing of steel and other metals; whilst in spray painting, its use gives unmatched paint finishes. Used in food packaging, it prevents aging or perishing and extends shelf-life.

Nitrogen Tyre Inflator

Other Nitrogen uses

The use of Nitrogen has benefits that extend across a wide variety of applications and industries.

• Passenger vehicle tyre inflation at tyre dealers
• Passenger vehicle tyre inflation at fuel stations
• Commercial transport and Mining tyre inflation
• Commercial spray-painting
• Food modified atmosphere packaging
• Chemical blanketing