Nitralife was the first company in the world to actively promote the use of nitrogen inflation gas in car and commercial truck tyres. In 1996 Nitralife installed its first on-site nitrogen generator system into the commercial transport industry, and since then has supplied over 1500 nitrogen generator systems, not only for tyre inflation, but also a variety of industrial, medical and food applications.

In 2016 Nitralife developed a Nitrogen system specifically for the laser cutting market, for both CO2 and fiber lasers. Due to the success of this concept, the Nitracut was born. Today Nitracuts are installed around the world.

Nitralife has expanded the Nitracut range to include Nitrogen systems for all laser sizes up to 12kW as well as a compact pneumatic gas booster for higher pressure cutting. A smaller, less expensive version of the Nitracut is also available for the plasma cutting market and beam tube guidance nitrogen supply.

Our mission is to develop a nitrogen generator system that will flawlessly replace conventional gas delivery systems at a fraction of the price. Nitracut customers will have an on-site nitrogen gas supply, on demand, 24 hours per day.

Nitralife is the only company in the world that can offer such a comprehensive solution from the largest open cast mining, commercial and passenger tyre inflation to industrial laser cutting, spray painting and many more other industrial applications.

Nitralife is truly a world leader.

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