Nitracut Nitrogen solutions for

laser cutting & plasma cutting

Nitracut nitrogen systems are on-site nitrogen gas generators custom-built to provide a continuous, reliable supply of nitrogen assist gas. Produce your own nitrogen gas as you use it, at a fraction of the cost of cylinder nitrogen bundles or liquid bulk.


Nitrogen Nitracut Product

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Nitrogen for laser cutting

The use of nitrogen as an assist gas in laser cutting is essential when cutting stainless steel, but it is also a significant monthly consumable – and a perpetual cost. Nitracut enables you to produce your own nitrogen assist gas on-site, on-demand, 24 hours a day whilst dramatically reducing the cost of cutting. As the produced Nitrogen essentially becomes a free commodity, it can also be used to cut mild steel, often faster than with conventional oxygen allowing for greater precision in high-detail cutting. Nitracut works seamlessly with both CO2 and fibre lasers of all common brands.

Nitrogen in plasma cutting

High definition plasma cutters require nitrogen gas when cutting stainless steel. With Nitracut, this nitrogen can be made on-site and on-demand at a fraction of the cost of conventional methods. The Nitracut Plasma nitrogen system is a smaller, more affordable version of the Nitracut that can run off your own air compressor, providing you with lower cutting costs and the added benefit of never running out of gas again.

Why Nitracut?
Nitracut Booster

Do you need a high-pressure nitrogen supply?

The Nitracut nitrogen booster can boost your Nitracut nitrogen pressure to 20bar. No expensive high-volume, high-pressure storage vessels needed – the Nitracut booster uses a variable speed pneumatic drive to boost nitrogen gas that will automatically adjust the nitrogen delivery to changing consumption from a lasers different cutting parameters.

Nitrogen for beam tube guidance

Nitrogen gas is necessary for beam tube guidance on certain brand CO2 lasers, whether you are cutting stainless steel or mild steel. Consumption can be as much as 2000 – 3000kg of nitrogen per month, and in some cases, can be even more. Nitralife manufactures a nitrogen generator specifically for this consumption, that often pays for its self in less than one year. After that, you get free beam tube guidance nitrogen, 24/7.

Nitrogen NItracut Generator

Nitrogen in other industries

The use of nitrogen has benefits that extend across a wide variety of applications and industries. A primary target market for on-site nitrogen generation has always been high volume/constant-use industrial applications like plasma and laser cutting; and also in tyre inflation market for large open cast mining, long-haul transport and the passenger tyre market. As a pure, clean, inert gas – Nitrogen contains no oxygen and therefore it does not oxidise or retain heat, and when used in tyres it means they will not over-heat making them safer and better performing. The use of on-site nitrogen for laser cutting provides the customer with an affordable, dependable method to produce their own nitrogen assist gas on-site, 24 hours a day, and for a fraction of the normal cost.

Nitrogen in TyresSpray-painting